Brother vs Singer Sewing machines

Brother vs Singer: Giant Sewing Machine Brands

This Brother vs Singer comparison is dedicated to two sewing machine manufacturers that are well-known around the world. They both have earned their popularity and trust of the buyers being present on the market for more than 100 years, and, of course, thanks to the high quality of their production.

Brother is a Japanese company, founded in the year of 1908. Its American competitor, Singer, was founded in 1851, being 57 years older. Thus, the latter calls out more respect among those who prefer more traditional models. Indeed, if you compare Singer vs Brother sewing machine in this aspect, it will become clear that the Japanese company specializes in the production of digitized sewing machines rather than mechanical ones.

However, comparing Singer vs Brother, even experienced sewists hesitate when it comes to choosing the best one. Being the top-notch companies, both of them offer a wide range of options, producing high-end, as well as inexpensive models while preserving their well-known high quality in any line. They also offer machines for sewists of all levels: basic ones for students and amateurs, and heavy-duty models for professional use.

The other thing that should also be noted when comparing Singer versus Brother sewing machine is that Brother is more focused on multifunctionality, offering hundreds of stitches, styles of buttonholes, etc. At the same time, Singer models are more basic.

Brother review

The company was founded in Nagoya. In 1958, it entered the European market, establishing the Brother company in Dublin.


Now, comparing Brother versus any other sewing machine brands in Asia, it becomes obvious that the Japanese company is an absolute leader on the Asian market. There are factories in China, Taiwan, Vietnam, etc.

Brother is a manufacturer that produces different computer-related equipment. That is why its sewing machines have earned their popularity mostly thanks to such modern features like LCD touchscreens, USB ports, and many others. Their computerized models are especially popular among beginner sewists as they are very convenient and easy to use (especially if you compare them to mechanical models).

In terms of Brother’s budget-friendly models, it’s worth mentioning the XM2701 and the XL2600 that are valued for wide functionality despite their affordable price.

Singer review

Singer machines are well-known for being very durable. The company has been producing sewing machines for almost 200 years, being one of the oldest ones. The Singer company was founded in New York City. It became popular thanks to the invention of the basic eye-pointed needle and lock stitch.


Now, Singer’s sewing machines are among the most popular ones on the markets of the UK and the USA. However, Singer factories are also found in Saint Petersburg, Sydney, etc.

The most sought after models from Singer are heavy duty ones, like, for example, the Singer 4411 — a mechanical model with a metal frame that is able to satisfy most needs of advanced sewists.

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