bObsweep vs iRobot Robot vacuums

bObsweep vs Roomba - Two Ways to Perfect Floors

I conveyed the robot vacuum comparison of listed brands to discover the balance of price and technologies implemented. While bObsweep costs about 1.5-times less, it did the perfect job on both carpet and parquet having taken out every tiniest dog hair there were. However, it got entangled in a loose headphones cord once.

Placing iRobot Roomba vs bObsweep, I can say that the former has the better pass-through capability as it is a bit lower in height and has larger wheels. It does slightly hit the walls and the furniture during the first operation, while its smart mapping tech allows the further gliding unobstructed.

Choosing between bObsweep versus Roomba, I was amazed by the bObsweep’s functionality. It’s not just the vacuum, but a real universal cleaner doing mopping and UV-sterilising along. It has different programming modes for the different period of work. Considering Roomba vs bObsweep, the iRobot product had a significant ass up its sleeve - a mobile app. I could control the route, the task, and operation without even entering the room. Finally, in this bObsweep vs iRobot review, I’d like to comment on the design, too. The chances not to notice and hit black minimalistic Roomba are quite high. However, it’s not an issue with the bright-colored and bottom-lit bObsweep.

bObsweep - For the Homes with Pets


The company was established in Toronto, Canada, in 2011 and later expanded into the USA market. It produces universal robot floor cleaners combining brushing, wet cleaning, vacuum cleaning, and UV-disinfection. The different modes are represented in six product lines:

  • Bob Standard — the basic line.
  • Bob PetHair — high-end models with enhanced functions.
  • Bob PetHair Plus — the premium line, fully packed.
  • bObi Classic — a high-end compact extra-sensitive model.
  • bObi Pet — a premium compact model.
  • Junior — the beginner’s model with the ability to update.

The brand has several own technologies: the TurboLift vacuum for extra powerful suction, the soft TouchMe texture for the slightest impact on a furniture, and the blOck technology allowing to program the operational zone. The robots are equipped with bins instead of the disposable bags.

iRobot - Making One Forget the Cleaning


Since 1990, the company has developed thousands of robots in different spheres (military, scientific, home robots). It is the USA-based brand with the leading global sales. The home robots’ branch encompasses robot mops, vacuums, and pool cleaners. Among robot vacuums, there are four product lines available:

  • Roomba 600 - the basic line.
  • Roomba e5 - the middle-segment model with the programmable zone and improved suction.
  • Roomba 900 - enhanced model with smart resuming-upon-recharge function.
  • Roomba i7 - premium model with customizable modes and smart navigation.

The brand’s own developments include the smart iAdapt navigation letting the robot avoid furniture, pets, and walls. The Imprint Smart Mapping allows assigning the name to each location and control the robot by voice through Alexa or google Assistant. The Multi-Surface brushes ensure all types of dust, dirt, and hair are successfully eliminated from any type of the floor.

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