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Deebot vs Roomba – Powerful Suction and Accurate Navigation

The test of Deebot vs Roomba is primarily aimed to compare reputable brands, which produce powerful robot vacuum cleaners. And, also, to decide whether to choose one of the Deebot models with the mopping feature or to opt for the pricier but more feature-packed Roomba.

While checking Roomba vs Deebot brands, I’ve noticed that Roomba comes with the self-emptying feature that reduces the frequency of emptying of the dustbin. Besides, this manufacturer produces versatile items, while Deebot’s products as Deebot Ozmo 920, 930, 900, and some others don’t fit carpets and hard flooring.

A simple Ecovacs vs iRobot examination has revealed a variety of the Deebot devices that come in black, white, gray, and brown colors versus Roomba’s mostly black models. Both companies produce classic circular devices, but they also present some advanced series. The Ecovac robots have squared slim models in its line-up, and Roomba focuses on the U-shaped vacuums. Besides, the Deebot slim robots are 2.24 inches high when the lowest Roomba’s models have 3 inches.

The Deebot vs iRobot comparison has also revealed that some of the Ecovac products are designed specifically for removing pet hair. They come with a direct suction inlet instead of the main brush. All the Roomba units feature a dual roller brush to collect all types of dirt. It’s necessary to clean it regularly to avoid clogging.

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The cheapest Ecovac Deebot robots have the Smart Motion Navigation tech, meaning that the vacuums choose the path identical to people’s cleaning manner to provide effective outcomes. The premium models come with the Smart Navi tech that creates a visual map with the aid of laser distance sensors.

The Voice Report feature allows controlling the robots verbally if the user connects the vacuum to any of the voice control gadgets. Besides, the Deebot robots can use the sound signals to notify the user about their performance (whether it is stuck or it is going to charge, for example).

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The Roomba items use iAdapt Navigation that makes the robots choose straight paths and remember the places they have already cleaned. The latest version of this tech (iAdapt 3.0) recognizes rooms by their names (kitchen, living room, or bedroom). Besides, the advanced units (Series 700) are fitted with both optical and acoustic sensors to see the dirtiest places and to make several passes around and through a single area.

The Roomba entry-level devices have the basic AeroVac 1 tech to remove dirt and pet hair. The mid-range iRobots come with the AeroVac 2 tech onboard that is remarkable for its clog-resistance. Roomba’s branded AeroForce system in Series 800 and later models provides the enhanced filtration that adds capacity to a duct container.

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