ILIFE vs iRobot Robot vacuums

Ilife vs Roomba – The Best for Everyday Use

Ilife vs Roomba is the price vs reliability. The Ilife robot vacuums came to us from China, and their price is more attractive. They showed up in 2012 and are represented by the mid-range and low-cost models. Roomba is the USA manufacturer, a pioneer and a well-developed brand. Their devices are more expensive. Let’s see the comparison chart to find out the peculiarities of two popular makers.

ILife’s batteries versus Roomba’s ones have a longer life. Roomba can boast of the advanced vacuuming tech. After the robot vacuum comparison it is clear that both Roomba and Ilife are stylish and fashionable. When the power is low, Roomba comes back to its base for auto recharging, as opposed to iLife models. (For example, the iLife V1 is manually plugged in for recharging).

Ilife Review – First Things First


In 2004 the enterprise Shenzhen Ditaier Technology appeared. It started producing players under the brand Chuwi in 2007. In 2012 they began producing tablets of good quality. At the same time, they released the first robot vacuum. Nowadays they deliver them to Germany, USA, Spain, Israel, New Zealand, Japan. They have three plants in Shenzhen and three R&D centers in Hong Kong. The maker produces two product lines – A (low-cost models with the powerful cleaning system) and V (with the mopping option). The main techs they use:

  • The components made of the tempered glass.
  • The replaceable duster and water tank.
  • The “smart” system of water flow into the tank.
  • I-Dropping tech that makes the sponge wet only when the robot is in motion.
  • The special tech for the pets’ hair removal (in some models, for example, V3S PRO).

If to compare IRobot vs ILife the last one hates high-pile carpets and cannot clean them.

IRobot Roomba Review – More than Modern


The company was founded in 1990 in Massachusetts. It launched the first vacuuming robot in 2002. Its headquarters are in Bedford, MA, and its offices are located in USA, London, Tokyo, Shanghai.

Roomba has many series, but 800 and 900 series are more actual nowadays. After the test Roomba vs Ilife, we see the better Roomba’s navigation due to iAdapt tech for 800 and iAdapt 2.0 for 900. It means that the special sensors and software make the cleaning fast without falling down, running into the walls or stumbling around. After I’ve tested Ilife vs IRobot, I fully evaluated the IRobot’s ultra-modern features.

  • HEPA filters for collecting dust from the floor and from the air in the cleaning zone.
  • 3-staged cleaning for loosening, lifting and suctioning dirt.
  • Dirt Detect tech for recognizing the dirtiest areas.
  • Wi-Fi to use the IRobot Home app.
  • Custom settings to meet your needs in power, edge clean, number of cleaning passes etc.

The only issue is that It would be better for iRobot to use long-lasting lithium-ion batteries instead of NI-MH ones – we can meet them in some models of the series 800.

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