iRobot vs Neato Robot vacuums

Neato vs Roomba - The Cleanest Alternative for Your Home

In the current robot vacuum comparison, I compared Neato Botvac vs iRobot Roomba. When placing Neato versus Roomba, I considered that iRobot (Roomba) have the experience of the pioneers in the field, while Neato specializes solely in robot vacuums. Roomba vacuums have simple construction and can be easily fixed; they also have a comprehensive user-friendly interface. Neato powers its robots with a huge suction capacity and wider cleaning line.

Putting Roomba vs Neato, I must mention that the Roomba has smarter wireless control, while the Botvac features different operation modes allowing using the most (and the least) of its capacity.

iRobot boasts of the largest sales over the world and that’s another tick in their pros’ column. Their service stations are easily accessed almost everywhere. I used customer support once and have had a detailed answer from a real pro.

Neato Botvac surprised me with the option of direction changing through the smartphone app that had become available with the firmware update. Their navigation is perfect due to the enhanced mapping. My room does not have many tricky routes, so I can’t say for the D-shape (Neato specialty) being handier than the round one of Roomba. Both robots produce a low non-intrusive fan-like humming noise.

Neato Review


The company was found in 2005 in California, out of the Entrepreneur’s Challenge in Stanford. Since 2017, is a part of a Vorwerk Group, Germany. Currently, the company’s headquarters are in Newark, California. Now they produce two series of vacuum robots:

  • The mid-priced Botvac D with a Laser Smart technology.
  • Wi-Fi-powered Botvac Connected.

The brand is well recognizable due to D-shaped model design and unique Combo Brushes ensuring the perfect dealing with a pet’s hair. The LaserSmart technology is the company’s own invention letting the robot to scan the surface and avoid furniture and stairs. It also maps the territory and is able to continue from the same spot after the recharging.

iRobot Review


The brand was launched back in 1990 in Massachusetts as a specialized robotic company. It is a leader of the robotic product sale and has enabled historical and space discoveries with its research robots. It also produces the ground robots for usage in the military actions and the home cleaning smart devices. The company’s head office is located in Bedford, Massachusetts, the representative offices are situated in the Europe, Asia and other U.S. States. The brand offers three series of the vacuum robots:

    • Roomba models (675-980) - the reliable mid-priced units with Wi-Fi and 3 Stage Cleaning.
    • Roomba i7 - the high-end model featuring a special bag for dirt disposal and the boosted suction.
    • Scooba - an integrated vacuum mopping robot.

The brand develops the integration of the robotic systems into the regular household aiming to build a robotic ecosystem. It enhances mapping technologies and control by the patented Imprint tech allowing to program the areas of robot’s work. The company also produces the pool-cleaning robots and educational robots.

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