Best robot vacuum under $200

The best robot vacuum brand under $200

ILIFE V5s Pro – an automatic vacuum at a reasonable price


If you’re concerned about cleaning only – ILIFE V5s Pro is for you. Here we have a robotic vacuum cleaner with essential features only but with decent cleaning capabilities. So, this variant will keep your budget thick and your house clean. It’s not an advanced variant of ILIFE X5 but it's more powerful variant. At the price of $160, you get a cleaning robot with 2600 mAH battery capacity and 150 minutes of battery life that is enough for 4 hours of work. However, it does not have Wi-Fi connectivity and a display that fastens the process of setup. Above all, it has a wet mopping function; it’s able to perform dry mopping and vacuuming simultaneously. Its water tank and dustbin are of equal (300 ml) capacities. ILIFE X5 doesn’t have high-end navigation; it simply keeps going until it manages to find a spot. Be ready to block undesirable areas for vacuuming by yourself because this model doesn’t have Virtual Wall. However, it has a microfiber mop that finishes a cleaned area.

PROS of ILIFE V5s Pro:

  • The edge cleaning mode let you leave it to work on its own without apprehension that it will get stuck somewhere and silently run out of battery.
  • It is not the smallest robot vacuum but a truly compact one 11.8 x 11.8 x 3 inches and 4.9 pounds let it get under a low piece of furniture and you – carry it around the house.
  • Due to the spot mode, this smart vacuum will dedicate more time to visibly dirty spots.

CONS of ILIFE V5s Pro:

  • This vacuum doesn’t have a carpet cleaning mode – it makes it more suitable for the office that a flat.
  • It goes without air filtration.

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