iRobot vs Samsung Robot vacuums

Samsung POWERbot vs Roomba – Powerful Vacuums for Any Surfaces

The Samsung POWERbot vs Roomba is the description and comparison chart of two reputable brands’ vacuum cleaners that are designed to operate on all types of flooring. It helps understand whether to opt for high-tech and a bit pricey POWERbot units or a time-tested Roomba with its diversity of prices.

While checking POWERbot vs Roomba, the difference in navigation systems has been notable. The POWERbot family uses front cameras to scan the space versus Roomba’s bump sensors. Only the most advanced Roomba models (the iRobot 960) can boast the camera-driven navigation.

The comparison of Roomba vs POWERbot reveals the meaningful disparity in design. Most Roomba’s models (except for the high-end s Series) are circular, and they reach corners due to a dedicated edge-cleaning mode. All POWERbot’s units, except for the round Essential product, are U-shaped and have an advanced shutter (rubber blade) to clean in hard-to-reach places. Besides, their dustbin capacity is no less than 700ml while even Roomba’s s9 (one of the most expensive models) has a small container of 400ml.

The POWERbots come with a higher clearance (100% of the products are 3.8 inches), making it challenging sometimes to work under low-profile furniture. Only the Essential model is 3.3 inches high.

If we compare the suction power of POWERbot vs iRobot, it should be noted that Samsung items feature up to 70 levels of power that automatically regulate according to the type of surface they clean. The iRobots can’t compete in this area, but they stand out with their long-lasting batteries while most of the POWERbot items (except for the 150-minute Essential) can run for 60 minutes only.

The revision of iRobot Roomba vs Samsung Powerbot revealed some commonalities. It is about Wi-Fi connectivity, the opportunity to schedule cleaning via the app or to choose models with manual control (the Roomba 650 and the POWERbot R9000, for example).

Samsung POWERbot Review

Samsung POWERbot

Samsung’s POWERbot vacuums come with sensor buttons and a display on the panel. The latter shows time, Wi-Fi connection, level of battery charge, and the charging process. The units are based on the CycloneForce tech allowing them to work at full capacity for a long time. The branded Visionary Mapping technology ensures the rational cleaning path due to the camera and nine sensors.

iRobot Roomba Review

iRobot Roomba

Roomba is a trusted and valuable brand with a large model range to find the one matching a budget. It features the Imprint™ Link Technology that allows attaching Braava jet mops to i, s, and 900 Series. Another useful tech is Clean Base Automatic Dirt Disposal (for i and s Series), meaning auto-emptying the bin into a branded Allergen Lock bag. The e and 900 Series are fitted with Dual Multi-Surface Rubber Brushes to remove dirt of any size and pet hair for a single pass.

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