Eufy vs iRobot Robot vacuums

Eufy vs Roomba – Accurate Navigation and Thorough Cleaning of Any Surfaces

I’d like to start the robot vacuum comparison by observing that both manufacturers offer a greater variety of products for cleaning hard and soft surfaces. At the same time, Roomba presents 5 series with several models within each of them to meet different budgets. All of Eufy’s robots remain in the medium-price segment. However, even the cheapest Roomba’s devices are more expensive than low-cost Eufy’s ones.

The check of Roomba vs Eufy in terms of their look revealed that all Eufy’s robots are circular when some Roomba’s models are U-shaped to remove dust from corners. Eufy products are low-profile devices with the clearance height, ranging from 2.85 inches versus Roomba’s average height of 3.5 inches. Besides, Roomba is usually a couple of pounds heavier than Roomba. Both models have a roller brush to handle carpets, but Roomba’s brush has two spinning rolls, unlike the Eufy brush’ single roll.

A side-by-side Eufy vs Roomba filter comparison revealed that Eufy is fitted with HEPA filters that absorb the smallest particles in the air around a device, making it safe for people with allergies and asthma. The Roomba models feature branded AeroVac filters that capture dust and debris. However, they are compatible with HEPA filters if someone wants to use them for replacement.

Both Roomba and Eufy’s product lines include models with various types of navigation (random or intelligent). However, speaking about the power of Eufy vs iRobot models, the latter features greater suction thanks to its ability to boost it x5, x20, and even x40, depending on the surface. The Eufy products also can increase power on carpets, but its maximum is 2,200 Pa.

The test of iRobot vs Eufy highlighted the Eufy RoboVac L70 Hybrid’s mopping feature. No Roomba’s model can mop, but some of them (the Roomba s9, s9 , i7, i7 , 960, e5, and 675) are compatible with Braava jet Robot Mop Bundles.

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The American company Anker Innovations owns Eufy, but the products come out in China. The devices feature Path Tracking Sensors to let the vacuum adapt to the surface’s changes. Interestingly, Eufy points out the climbing threshold in its products’ descriptions. For example, RoboVac 11S can overcome thresholds as tall as 0.63 inches. The robots are remarkable for their ability to clean for 100 minutes per charge and low noise of 55 dB due to the brushless motor inside. Note that even the latest models have small dust containers of 600 ml.

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Roomba’s brand belongs to IRobot Corporation that develops its manufacturing solutions in the USA but produces vacuums in Malaysia. The manufacturer focuses on high techs, as a rule. For instance, the i7 and s9 models automatically empty the bin into the AllergenLock bag. The company also attaches great importance to navigation, implementing such advanced branded techs as vSLAM to gather 230,400 data points per millisecond and Smart Mapping to adapt to any house.

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