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Brother HC1850: An Affordable Computerized Machine For Beginners

brother hc1850

The Brother HC1850 is an advanced model with a computerized interface which is so simple that can be ideal for beginners that deal with their first sewing machine. This model works with fabrics of different thickness, contains 130 stitches, and has many other features that will widen your creativity. Additionally, thanks to a 25-year warranty, you can be sure that this device is built to last.

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The HC1850 measures 16.3 x 7 x 12.5 inches and weighs 16.6 pounds. This way, it’s portable enough for transporting. Besides, it’s also supplied with a handle which makes it easier to lift, so it’s not a problem to carry it with you. However, the light weight doesn’t add stability which may a problem for someone.


The Brother HC1850 sewing machine gives a lot of opportunities to make the sewing an easier and less time-consuming process. For example, it has a quick-set drop-in top bobbin with the needle threading function. It’s also supplied with a transparent plate to check if you are not running out of yarn. Besides, the bobbin winding doesn’t need more than two simple steps: move the bobbin to the right and press the start button.

The feed system works well, so the stitches always remain accurate (just make sure to choose the right needle for each type of fabric). However, it is recommended that you buy a walking foot for especially thick fabrics.

The needle threader is automatic and requires only one touch of the lever. However, the Brother HC1850 doesn’t feature an auto thread cutter for some reason.

Among the other features, there is also a drop feed system which allows for free-motion quilting. Thanks to the free-arm option, you can work on hard-to-access parts like sleeves, legs, or collars. There is also a reverse stitching function which, however, doesn’t work well: with some stitches, it only makes a light reinforcement.

This machine has a max operating speed of 850 stitches per/min. This will allow you to finish larger projects more quickly. Additionally, the speed is adjustable which is a very beneficial feature for beginners as they can learn step-by-step from the slowest to the medium speed till they become more adept at the max speed.

The inbuilt computer ensures that you are using the proper presser foot for your stitch and informs when something is wrong. The HC1850 Brother sewing machine can’t be connected to your PC or Internet. So, unfortunately, you won’t have the opportunity to download some extra stitches and can’t get more benefits from the machine’s automatic functions.

This model is suitable for a lot of small stitching projects, but my test has shown that it struggles with the large ones. The presser feet just can’t rise high enough for thick quilts, and the machine’s neck is too small.

As you open up the package, you will see a great bundle of accessories, both essential and additional ones. So, there are foot pedal (you can use it instead of slide speed control), size 14 and size 16 needles, a wide table that gives an extra space for maneuvering, 8 presser feet, 3 bobbins, cleaning brush, eyelet punch, screwdriver to remove the needle, 3 spool caps, extra spool pin, and seam ripper. All the accessories can be stored in the flat bed attachment that you just need to slide to open which I find very convenient. The case or cover isn’t included, so you will have to buy it separately.

The Brother HC1850 manual contains comprehensive information on how to get the most out of the machine. The included DVD is a great gift for all the beginner sewists. It will teach you how to thread the needle, wind the bobbin, and start your first project. Besides, Brother also offers free online technical support.

The Brother sewing machine HC1850 does emit some noise during work. However, a 70 dB noise level is definitely not too much. You may also hear some jackhammer sound while embroidering.


The Brother HC1850 computerized sewing and quilting machine has a white body with most parts made of plastic and features an intuitive, function-first design.

The tension-control dial is located at the top, along with the bobbin winder and the thread take-up lever. The buttons and a backlit LCD screen are located right in front of your face as you are sewing. The screen displays the presser foot type and the stitch you are using, and also comes in handy when you want to select a new one. Next to the screen, you will also find the stitch length/width adjustment buttons, and sewing speed slide control.

On the right of the front panel, you will also find three indicators (utility stitch indicator, mirror image stitch indicator, character stitch indicator) and the stitching category selection button. Below them, there is a clear stitch chart with a fold-down flap which is very convenient as you won’t even need to pull out the manual when you need to change the stitch.

The sewing area is LED-lit which is especially important when working with dark-colored fabrics and for sewists with poor vision. However, it may seem too bright and even painful for light-sensitive people.


To conclude this Brother HC1850 review, I would like to note that this machine is super-easy to use. It can quilt and sew and was created with an intention to be accessible for everyone. The machine goes with almost all the features that the beginner needs to know to become an expert. Plus, for an affordable price tag, you will get a full suite of accessories which cannot but rejoice.

However, I wouldn’t recommend this machine for those starting their own business. This model is great for home use and personal projects, but it’s not intended to be used for non-stop commercial use.

Common features


Brother HC1850






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Noise level, db


Drop feed

Work light



Utility stitch


Free arm

Quilting stitch

Heirloom stitch functions


Number of needles




Twin needle capability

Threading system

Needle threading system


Thread sensors

Automatic thread cutter


Stitch length, inches/mm


Stitch width, inches/mm


Speed control

Max. stitches per minute


Sideways sewing

Pivot function

Stitch attributes

Built-in stitches




Side cutter

Satin stitch regulator


Memory cards



Number of patterns

Pattern rotating increments, degrees


Built-in display



Touch screen

On-screen editing

On-screen help

Size, inches/mm

2.7 x 1.4/68.58 x 35.5


Product size, inches/mm

16.3 x 7 x 12.5/414 x 177 x 317.5

Product weigth, pounds/kg


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