Singer Heavy Duty 4411 review


Singer Heavy Duty 4411: Mechanical Sewing Machine with 120V Motor

The Singer 4411 is an advanced, multifunctional, heavy-duty sewing machine of a mechanical type which was released in early 2012 and is offered for a budget-friendly price. Due to 11 integrated stitches, it allows working with crafts, home decor, fashion sewing, and much more.

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The Singer Heavy Duty sewing machine 4411 has 15.5 x 6.2 x 12 total inches. Being a portable model, it weighs only 14.5 pounds so it’s not hard to carry it with you. It even has a carrying handle for increased convenience.


The Singer 4411 can make 1100 stitches for one minute which gives the opportunity to quickly sew high quantity of items. It features a powerful motor (120V) and great piercing power to work with a lot of fabrics.

For an accurate feeding, the Singer sewing machine 4411 has a four-segment feed dog system to ensure that the fabric is picked and supported from the front of the presser foot to the rear.

It’s possible to install the needle in one of 3 positions. This allows adding zippers or other decorative touches with topstitching and cording.

The Singer Heavy Duty 4411 goes supplied with a top drop-in bobbin with a see-through cover which makes it convenient to insert/remove and monitor the thread supply. The bobbin winding is safe as it’s automatic, so the needle bar disengages automatically during winding.

A high presser foot lifter contributes to better clearance during the working process. You can regulate the foot pressure to work with both light and heavy kinds of fabrics.

The length of the stitch is adjustable as well: customize it in accordance with your needs by increasing/decreasing the distance between stitches. You can also adjust the stitch width up to 6mm, making them bolder or more pronounced. There is also a dedicated reverse sewing lever. Thanks to a special built-in stitch, the machine is able to create buttonholes automatically in just 4 steps.

Being a high-technological unit, this model offers a SINGER Sewing Assistant app that can be found on Google Play or App Store. It contains examples of different sewing techniques, helps with frequently asked questions, and has some tutorials as well.

The machine doesn’t produce too much noise while working, having a 70 dB noise level. This way, it’s suitable for long work as it won’t make your ears feel tired after minutes of work.

The kit includes 4 presser feet: all-purpose foot (universal for most standard sewing projects), buttonhole foot (to add buttonholes, slots for ribbon, etc.), zipper foot (to add zippers, piping, cording, etc.), button sewing foot (to add buttons). All of them are snap-on, so it’s easy to change them, and you won’t even need a screwdriver.

Except for these feet, the machine also goes with a bunch of other accessories: 2 thread spool caps, screwdriver, darning plate, bobbins, pack of needles, auxiliary spool pin, seam ripper/lint brush, soft-sided dust cover, foot pedal, power cord, and, of course, manual. The on-board storage provides easy access to the accessories.

In the Singer 4411 manual, you can find all information about the machine’s basics, threading, sewing, guides on how to install, attach, and change different parts of the device, how to maintain it, and how to deal with the problems that may arise during the working process.


The Singer 4411 Heavy Duty sewing machine features a minimalist design with a white and gray enclosure and intuitive interface. The stitch length dial and pattern selector dial are located conveniently as they will be right in front of you while you are working. On the very top of the unit, you will find thread tension dial, presser foot pressure adjustment, thread take-up lever, needle position dial, bobbin stopper, stitch width dial, horizontal spool pin, bobbin winding spindle, hole for auxiliary spool pin, and upper thread guide. On the back, there are a handwheel, buttonhole stitch balance adjustment slot, power and light switch, and main plug socket.

The threading instructions are printed right on the machine making threading much easier: you will always have the information on how to do it properly which is great when you are a beginner or haven’t been using the sewing machine for a long time.

For extra rigidity, the machine uses a metal frame and stainless steel bedplate. It ensures rigid support of all the mechanisms, provides skip-free sewing, and increases the unit’s durability.

There is also a 15W LED light so you are able to clearly see on what you're working on.


So, according to this Singer 4411 review, this model has a lot of advantages and allows you to work with almost any kind of fabric due to its powerful motor. This machine can be a great solution for the creation of original costumes or making different decorative items, such as pillows or curtains. Plus, thanks to the changeable position of the needle, the addition of decorative elements will be hassle-free. It’s also a lightweight model, so you can easily take it from place to place you instead of installing it at one table as many other machines would require.

Common features


Singer Heavy Duty 4411


Heavy Duty 4411




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Work light


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Utility stitch


Free arm

Quilting stitch

Heirloom stitch functions


Number of needles




Twin needle capability

Threading system

Needle threading system


Thread sensors

Automatic thread cutter


Stitch length, inches/mm


Stitch width, inches/mm


Speed control

Max. stitches per minute


Sideways sewing

Pivot function

Stitch attributes

Built-in stitches




Side cutter

Satin stitch regulator


Memory cards



Number of patterns

Pattern rotating increments, degrees

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Built-in display


Touch screen

On-screen editing

On-screen help

Size, inches/mm


Product size, inches/mm

15.5 x 6.2 x 12/393.7 x 157,5 x 304,8

Product weigth, pounds/kg


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