Singer Heavy Duty 4423 review


Singer Heavy Duty 4423

singer heavy duty 4423

The Singer Heavy Duty 4423 is a mechanical assembly for home projects that is perfect for those who just learn to sew. It features surprisingly high speed, great tension, the ability to handle both thin and thick fabrics, and all the necessary stitch designs to make a wide range of projects.

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The size of the Singer Heavy Duty 4423 is 15.5 x 6.2 x 12 inches, so, it’s not larger than the majority of mechanical models. Besides, it’s relatively lightweight (14.6 pounds). On the one hand, it’s easy to transport the machine but on the other, it moves when pushing heavy stock through it while sewing (a rubber mat or an appropriate table can solve the issue).

The size of the throat area is 6 ¼ inches from center needle to machine tower and it’s 4 ¼ inches tall from the bed to the top of the throat, that is quite suitable for quilting.


The following Singer 4423 review describes the machine that comes with a powerful motor to handle a wide range of fabrics, but it is not designed for leather or heavy-duty canvas. It can cope with fleece and 2 layers of common canvas with the proper needle. There’s no problem sewing up to 3 layers of denim, up to 4 layers of marine vinyl, nylon webbing or 2 layers of upholstery vinyl, but heavier materials might damage this sewing machine.

It can sew knit, jersey, and such lightweight fabrics as silk but bear in mind to use proper needles and make the right settings listed in the Singer 4423 manual. The machine can quilt, but the users have to buy the optional presser foot additionally.

The Singer 4423 sewing machine can make up to 1100 stitches for a single minute versus other similar models that are capable of making up to 500 stitches. It has a foot pedal to control speed, but it might be difficult for novices to make a smooth start, considering that this model lacks buttons for speed adjustments. Besides, it has no needle down position and it’s necessary to do it manually, as well as to hold the lever down while going in reverse or to cut the thread. Still, this item is designed with the automatic needle threader.

The Singer Heavy Duty 4423 sewing machine comes with 23 stitch patterns onboard (6 basics, 4 stretches, 12 decorative stitches, and 1 buttonhole) that can be adjusted in the range of 6mm and they are completely straight. Besides, it has a serger-like stitch that initially allows dispensing with the dedicated serger.

The machine works with the average noise level and there’s no need to adjust tension every time the fabric is changed. This necessity applies only to such extreme variances as satin and denim, for example.


The Singer sewing machine 4423 is designed with a metal frame and the horizontal spool pin that has a holder to prevent the spool from damage while working.

The 4423 comes in a thin plastic cover that’s why a hard case should be acquired to carry the device around. This model features the advanced drop-in bobbin while some low-cost units still have the old-style bobbin.

The reverse lever, a dial to change the length of the stitch, and another larger dial to choose the stitch design are on the front panel. It has a bright LED work light over the needle area but the additional light source is still necessary to sew in a dark room.

The sewing machine features an impressive set of accessories like feet, extra needles, bobbins, and other stuff in the accessory storage compartment.


The budget price, easy settings, controls, and seamless performance make the Singer 4423 Heavy Duty sewing machine a good buy for teens or any other beginners. Being equipped with a powerful motor and a lot of patterns onboard, it can complete a lot of projects of any complexity.

Common features


Singer Heavy Duty 4423


Heavy Duty 4423




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Noise level, db


Drop feed

Work light


soft cover


Utility stitch


Free arm

Quilting stitch

Heirloom stitch functions


Number of needles




Twin needle capability

Threading system

Needle threading system


Thread sensors

Automatic thread cutter


Stitch length, inches/mm


Stitch width, inches/mm


Speed control

Max. stitches per minute


Sideways sewing

Pivot function

Stitch attributes

Built-in stitches




Side cutter

Satin stitch regulator


Memory cards



Number of patterns

Pattern rotating increments, degrees

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Built-in display


Touch screen

On-screen editing

On-screen help

Size, inches/mm


Product size, inches/mm

15.5 x 6.2 x 12/393.7 x 157,5 x 304,8

Product weigth, pounds/kg


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