Xiaomi Roborock s6 review


Roborock S6: Robotic Cleaner with Vacuum/Mop Combo and Quiet Motor

Roborock S6

The Roborock S6 is designed to clean all types of debris from all types of floor surfaces. It also has a carpet recognition function, so it automatically boosts the suction power level up to its maximum (2000 Pa) when it gets on the carpet.

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The device is 4.72 inches high, 15.35 inches wide, and 16.93 inches deep. The water tank is 140ml in size, and the dustbin can hold up to 480ml of dirt. The whole item weighs 7.72 pounds.


The cleaner is powered by a 32-bit quad-core processor (similar to those found in smartphones) and is equipped with a full array of sensors on the top, sides, and bottom for 360-degree sensing. This way, it's smart enough to create an adaptive routing that allows for faster cleaning.

The Roborock S6 can be controlled through the MiHome or Roborock apps. You can use them to schedule cleaning for each room of your home. These apps not only provide control but also let you know which parts of the cleaner need to be replaced. Alexa and Google Assistant are also supported for voice control.

The main brush spins at a speed of 1350 RPM. It consists of numerous bristles, dense but soft, so they do not scratch the surface of the floor. The brush, however, isn't tangle-free, but it can be detached for untangling in seconds thanks to the quick-release button.

The construction of the Roborock S6 robot vacuum cleaner has been significantly improved over the previous Roborock S5 version. The current version has a sound suppression design. This way, it emits no more than 58 dB of noise.

While cleaning, it uses a combination of vacuum and mop. Of course, you can turn the mopping function off in the app, if you don't want your carpet to be mopped, for example. Moreover, you can regulate how much water should dampen the mopping cloth.

The Roborock S6 battery has a capacity of 5200 mAh and can last between 2 and 3 hours on a single charge (depending on the mode). Thanks to that, the vac can clean a 1610 square feet area in one run.

The mopping cloth is disposable and must be changed after each cleaning session which, of course, adds the cost for the cleaner's maintenance. The cleaner uses a washable HEPA filter, which must be washed every two weeks for regular cleaning. Every three months, the water filter must be replaced. The following Roborock S6 accessories are included:

  • tool to untangle brushes;
  • extra HEPA filter;
  • 6 water filters;
  • 5 disposable mop cloths.

The S6 is a great multifunctional model that provides both wet and dry cleaning, but it is costly to maintain. Thus, it wins 8 out of 10 points from me.


The manufacturer offers this model in two classic color options: white and black. The unit's body is made of high-quality hard plastic. The dustbin is easy to remove since it's top-mounted. The laser distance sensor sticks up from the center of the top panel to 0.25 inches. The top panel also has 3 buttons for basic control:

  • Start/Stop;
  • Spot cleaning mode;
  • Return to dock.

Although the laser distance sensor adds some height to the unit, the overall design seems to be satisfactory. Therefore, it gets a 9/10 from me.


As you can guess from this Roborock S6 review, this cleaner is suitable for those who need a smart and universal multisurface model with strong suction power, both dry and wet cleaning options, and a powerful battery.

Common features


Xiaomi Roborock s6


Roborock s6










Battery Capacity

5200 mAh

Battery Life

180 Minutes

Auto Charging

Charging Time

6 hours

Cleaning features


2000 pa

Dust bin capacity

480 ml

Number of cleaning stages

Using area

2000 square feet

Noise level

69 db

Carpet cleaning

Air Filteration


Remote Control


Wi-Fi frequency requires

2.4 GHz


Drop Sensor Protection


Protective bumpers






Cleaning modes




Single room






Virtual Wall

Time scheduling function

Voice control


1 Year


Product Size

20.2 x 17 x 6.1/513 x 432 x 155

Product Weight

15.2 pounds

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